In seeking inspiration for his second restaurant Manoj Karnavar turned to his roots, his home and his soulful memories of incredible family meals served during his time in Kerala and South India. Influencing the local culture and the food that mothers and grandmothers lovingly put on the family table, both Kerala and Sri Lanka have become recognised as central spice growing regions. With an abundance of both cardamom and cinnamon coming from the land it is no wonder these fragrant spices have become so apparent in the gentle spicing of local cuisine and now the Kalpa menu.

Benefiting from very similar (slightly cooler) tropical climates both Kerala and Sri Lanka share substantial tea and coffee trades along with bountiful fresh local produce from the same seas, lakes and rivers of the land. With great pride Manoj serves to the table at Kalpa the traditional food of his home of South India as he shares his belief that Indian restaurant food in the UK should reflect the experience, standard, passion, skill and flavour that is so memorable from every family meal at home.

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