Healthy eating, simple presentation, gently blended spice flavours, an abundance of choice, quick service and seasonality define the menus at Kalpa.

Most of our dishes are prepared using traditional and healthier coconut milks and oils, sesame oil and rapeseed oil, the menu highlights feature supremely light bites, delicate dosas, expertly made hoppers and gentle curries and stews.

Kalpa Menu

Starters / Quick Bites

Rasam Soup £2.50
A tangy, spicy thin soup, pepper, garlic, ginger, asafoetida

Sambar Vada £2.50
Crispy Black gran dumpling in sambar, coconut chutney

Uthappam, Sambar, coconut Chutney £3.00
Savoury thick pancake topped with onion, tomato, coriander and green chilli

String Hoppers/Idiyappam,Pol Sambol £2.50
Homemade, steamed rice noodles with coconut

Idli, Sambar, Chutney £2.50
Steamed fermented black gram and rice batter-cake

Chilli Paneer £5.50
Homemade soft cheese, soy sauce, ginger, spring onion

Seasonal Salad leaves, Granny Smith apple,Curry leaves dressing £3.00

All time favourite 65

Spiced crispy batter fried with tomato garlic chutney
Gobi 65 (Cauliflower) £4.50
Chicken 65 £5.00
Netouli 65 (Anchovies) £5.00

Indian Omelette, Onion, Tomato, Chilly, Coriander £2.50

Fresh home-made salmon cutlets £3.00

Devilled Shrimps £5.90
Spicy Sri Lankan speciality, tomato, bell peppers, garlic

Chicken Samosa £2.00

Mutton Rolls £2.50
Lamb, Potato, Crispy Rolls, chutney


Fragrant and spicy semi dried masala

Chicken £5.00
Mutton £6.00

Varuval / Pan fried / Ularthiyathu

Slow braised and caramelised in the pan to round up spices to earthy flavours.

Vegetable Thoran £4.00
Crunchy Seasonal vegetable, coconut, curry leaves

Sardine £4.00
Mackerel £5.00
Koonthal / Kanava / Kalamari £5.00
Prawns Porichathu £8.00

Aattu Varuval / Ularthiyathu £7.00
Leg of lamb on the bone

Baby Chicken Porichathu £6.90
On the bone

Chicken Varattiyathu £6.00

Muyal Varuval (Rabit) £8.00
On the bone

Tawa Grill

Marinated with ginger, garlic, cardamom cinnamon, fennel seed, lemon cooked on flat top griddle. Served with Salad and Mint Chutney.

Grill Paneer £5.90

Indian cottage cheese
Grill Chicken £6.50
Grill Mince Lamb £6.90


Moru Curry / Moru Kulambu £3.00

Vegetable Stew £5.00

Aubergine (Ennai Kathirikkai) curry £5.00

Cashew, Ash Plantain, Beans Curry £5.00

Kadala (Black Chickpeas) Curry £5.00

Sri Lankan Dhal Curry £4.00

Paneer Mutter Pepper Masala £5.50
Cottage Cheese, green peas

Vegetable Kurma £5.50

Avial £5.90
8 varieties of tropical vegetables

Mackerel Vattichathu (Curry) £5.00

Sea Bass Curry £6.00

Chicken Stew £6.00

Chicken Curry £6.00

Duck pepper masala £7.00

Aattirachikary £6.50
Leg of lamb on the bone

Indian Ocean Blue Crab Masala £7.00
On the shell

Egg Masala £5.00

Chilli Chicken £6.50

Prawn Masala £7.90

Select your Bread for Curries

Hoppers / Appam

A bowl shaped, pancake fermented batter of rice and coconut.

Hoppers/Appam £1.25
Egg Appam £1.75
Milk Appam £2.00

Parotta £1.25
Pol Rotti £1.25

Matta (Red Rice) £1.50
Basmati Rice £2.50
Saffron Rice £3.00
Kappa (Cassava) £3.00

Kothu Rotti

Sri Lankan all time favourite Street food. Chefs use steel blades for chopping rotti, vegetables, meat or seafood on hot griddle with spices and sauce.

Vegetable Kothu £5.00
Chicken Kothu £6.00
Mutton Kothu £7.00
Seafood Kothu £8.00


Slender Basmati Rice, Saffron, Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable slow cooked in a sealed pot with aromatic spices. Served with pickle, raita, sauce and Pappadom.

Vegetable Biryani £6.00
Chicken Biryani £8.00
Mutton Biryani £9.00

Fried Rice and Noodles

A Chinese dish of steamed rice or noodles stir-fried in a wok with eggs or vegetables.

Veg. Fried Rice £5.00
Egg Fried Rice £6.00
Veg. Noodles £5.00
Egg Noodles £6.00

Lunch Special

Kerala Thali Vegetarian Meal £4.90
Kerala Thali Non-Vegetarian Meal £6.50


Dosa is a kind of savoury creps made from fermented batter of rice and black gram. Served with lentil vegetable Sambar and array of chutneys.

Dosa £3.50

Kal Dosa £4.00
South Indian home style Dosa

Podi Dosa £4.00
Spread with sesame, blackgram, chilli, ground dry chutney

Karam Dosa £4.00
Spicy, channa dhal

Sesame Roast £4.00

Ghee Roast £4.50
Clarified butter

Masala Dosa £4.50
Potato Filling

Paneer Masala Dosa £4.90
Indian cottage cheese and potato filling

Chicken Masala Dosa £5.90
Chicken and potato filling

Lamb Masala Dosa £6.50
Lamb and potato filling

Interesting Dosa Facts

Dosa (as dosai) was in use in ancient Tamil country around the 1st century AD. Now popular all over India and served as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Poori Masala £4.00
Puri, an unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, with potato masala


Watalappam £4.00
Sri Lankan Speciality
Palm Jaggery, Eggs, Coconut Milk
Bibican £3.00
Cake-like sweet using grated coconut and wheat flour
Payasam £3.00
Flavoured rice pudding (kheer)
Falooda £5.00
Cold dessert using vermicelli, milkand ice cream
Ice Cream £3.00
Vanilla / Strawberry / Cinnamon / Mango

Chuntneys / Sambol / Sides

Pol sambol / Thenga chammanthy £0.50
Seeni Sambol £0.50
Lunumiris £0.50
Tomato garlic chutney £0.50
Kalpa special spicy chutney £0.50
Brinjal moju £0.50
Shrimp chammanthy £0.50
Pinapple Kachumber £0.50
Raita £0.50
Mango pickle / Oorugai £0.50
Vegetable sambar £2.00
Potato masala with green peas £2.00

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