Manoj Karnavar

Rising from the success of prize winning restaurant Karnavar; Manoj Karnavar continues his love affair with real traditional Indian cuisine by opening Kalpa.  The sociable and informal Kerala canteen and deli style restaurant offers swift casual Indian dining and is open for quick lunches and informal dinner throughout the week.

Serving a menu that combines the light and healthy eating menus of Kerala and Sri Lanka, Manoj’s South Indian cookery focuses on the use of coconut and the fresh flavours from the land, seas and backwaters of the southern tip of India carefully spiced.

Manoj is the Chef and owner of Karnavar Restaurant. Karnavar is a critically acclaimed, stylish, spot-lit restaurant with banquette seating, for traditional and modern Indian fine dining, located at South End, Croydon.


Unlike a typical Indian restaurant kitchen, Manoj escapes the use of conventional ghee, butter and cream in his fast paced restaurant in favour of coconut milk and healthy oils, like sesame oil, rapeseed oil and coconut oil, resulting in a delicate, healthy, clean eating menu.

The restaurant name Kalpa was inspired by the Sanskrit word Kalpavriksha; The Coconut Tree, a divine tree of which every part is used in India.  The name Kalpa also gives a nod to the convenience of the swift and timely manner in which Manoj and the team at Kalpa serve every diner as they redefine healthier “fast-er-food”.Read more about Karnavar

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